Quality Assurance Service Check List Which Is Performed On Every Service

Dash cluster warning lamp inspection plus gauge functions

Check Interior lamps, hooter, control switches, a/c function, seat belts & window operation Test handbrake, brake pedal and clutch pedal

Check all exterior lighting and door lock functions

Check windscreen for chips, cracks and window washer function

Road test listening for tyre, wheel bearing, suspension, cv joints, steering noises & operation

Road test checking for brake shudder, engine, transmission & turbo performance

Test Brake fluid for contamination and coolant for strength

Check engine, transmission, differential, radiator, cooling hoses & power steering for leaks

Check battery is secured, acid level is correct & terminals are free of acid build up

Check engine bay wiring harness is secure

Check radiator fan operation and viscous coupling operation

Pressure test engine cooling system

Check timing belt, serpentine belt, fan belt, cv, steering & suspension boots

Inspect propshaft, ball joints and grease

Inspect exhaust system for leaks, rattles and tyre tread thickness

Check chassis for rust

Check doors, bonnet, hatch, tailgate operation and lube

Diagnostic test, reset service indicator and report fault code errors

Top fluid levels window washer tank, power steering tank, expansion tank & transmission

Check wiper blade and spare tyre condition

Check under car cables, brake pads, brake discs or drums and brake hoses plus pipes

Check shocks, shock mountings, shackle bushes and leaf springs

Inspect and lube gear sector linkages and bushes

Inflate tyres