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Jul 21, 2017
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Audi: When should I change my spark plugs?

Imagine waking up to a car that won’t start. Picture being in the middle of a steep hill and your car wont accelerate to get you to the top. Worse still, imagine the price of your cars full tank increasing month by month.  You may be asking yourself what these three problems have in common and that answer is simple… Faulty spark plugs!

Your vehicles spark plugs are what help to ignite the fuel in the engine to make the vehicle go. As with any major car part, it is important to have your spark plugs checked regularly. The sooner you have them checked and repaired the less costly it is likely to be for you.

Many vehicle manufacturers have been making spark plugs that are designed to last up to 160 000 kilometres.  It is important to note that the longer you drive, the more worn out your spark plugs become and the more it will affect the performance of your vehicle.

It is wise to have your spark plugs inspected by a trusted vehicle service person at least every 50 000 kilometres to make sure that they are running well. You should ensure that when your vehicle is being booked in for a service, the mechanic working on your vehicle also looks at your spark plugs and if needs be replaces them.

In the event that you do have to have your sparkplugs replaced it is important to ensure that the vehicle is fitted with the same brand that the manufacturer originally fitted to the car because that will keep your car running at optimum level.

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